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Please read the letter below regarding this year's Vinnies Winter Appeal. With other fundraising avenues closed to us and even more need in the community all our help is needed. Thank you.

Vinnies Winter Appeal letter

The Australian Plenary

Plenary Council update: As you are aware the Plenary Council which was to be held in Adelaide in October has been cancelled until October 2021. In the meantime, however we can access the papers from the Writing and Discernment Groups whose members were taking into account all the papers and dialogue from the first two phases of the Plenary process in which we all participated. Go to https://plenarycouncil.catholic.org.au/continuing-the-journey-of-discernment/ for further information. We may set up a dedicated email address for responses after we have time to assess these outcomes.”


Earlier this year, the Emmaus Parish was invited to participate in a second round of Plenary Discussions. These Discussions were based on the 6 Themes which had emerged from the Australian responses to the first round of Plenary Discussions.

Our Emmaus responses are in the attached document, for all to read and consider. Plenary Responses

The next stage of the Plenary will be held in Adelaide in October, 2020. This Plenary will further consider the Australian responses, in light of the Catholic Church in Australia and its continuing mission in a society that continues to change and evolve. We are all called to pray to the Holy Spirit, for guidance and blessing for all those taking part in the Plenary in October.

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